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5 Things I Learned Playing Animal Crossing
So I was gonna do an actual review of Animal Crossing with a serious discussion of the game and what I thought of it, but I figured this would be more entertaining. This would have also come out sooner, but I had no access to a computer for a while and couldn't think of 5 things.
Anyway, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I’ll start off with my thoughts, and we can move on to the things I learned. I love the Animal Crossing series. I’ve played since they released the first AC game on the GameCube and have only missed the last version on the Wii, but then again I started to ignore my Wii after Brawl came out because I had no other use for it (also I think I was in the most hardcore years of my WoW addiction by the time that came out). This new game? Love it. I absolutely love New Leaf. It might not be the greatest game, but I think it’s a great game. And it’s taught me a lot of things, like…
5. I’m a Sorcerer
Alright, I list this first because it
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So, how about that purge? I'm sure you've got a lot of questions, so I'm going to ignore all of them and answer what I assume you're asking.

1. Wait, "purge"?
Yes, "purge." As in "delete pretty much everything on my DA account" purge.

2. You had like 600 things though!
That is not a question.

3. WHY?
Short answer: Because I'm good at mundane, repetitive tasks.
Long answer: I felt it was time to start over from a (relatively) blank slate.

4. Why not just start a new account like a normal person?
I've grown fond of this one.

5. Do you know how much work you've lost because of this?
Six years' worth.
Although technically it's more 1 or 2 because none of the really old stuff is canonical in my overall story anymore. Hooray reboots!

6. So why keep anything?
Some Dude, at least the first year, is still charming and funny. The pictures are there because they hurt nothing. Skinny Girls is there because I like it. Otherwise, everything I did before was terrible.

7. Not everything you did before was terrible.
That isn't a question either.
Although I do concede that I had a few good pictures when I was fourteen. You can go in the past and tell that Gabe you thought his work was good though. Present-Gabe is busy moving forward.

8. Speaking of things you did at 14, WHY WOULD YOU DELETE YOUR MOST POPULAR PICTURE?
Short answer: I wanted to.
Long answer: I hated it. It was a terrible fan-pairing picture that took ALL the attention away from my original work that I actually care about. So, I got rid of it. Its popularity saved it from the last purge, but that didn't help this time.

9. Fine, so what's next?
Right now I'm working on stuff for my third book Insurrection. Lightbreaker and Rise of the Black King are still for sale on the iBooks store and for Barnes and Nobles' nook, among other places (not Amazon though). I'll get around to uploading the Insurrection promotional images soon. If you follow me on twitter (speedmanic) or are friends with me on Facebook (probably not), then you've probably already seen them. Why upload them to DA then? Because I can, and there's more room for descriptions than on twitter or facespace.
Otherwise I may post pictures of the cheesecakes I bake every once in a while, or a review of the next game I pick up (which, currently, will be Animal Crossing for the 3DS).

10. What if I don't feel like keeping up with your work now that you've gotten rid of everything I liked?
Well that's a shame and it makes me sad.
I'd rather you stick it out and see what I'm up to in the future, but I can't make you stay if you don't want to.

But that's what's going on. If you're gonna stick around to see what all this "Insurrection" business is about, great! I really hope you enjoy what I've got as much as I do. I really think the promotional images are some of my best work. The book itself is turning out nicely too. If you've decided I've gone too far and are leaving, well I hope that you'll turn back around one day to see what I've got going on.

Anyway, it's back to the daily grind for me. I'll see y'all later.
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Gabriel Perez
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It turns out I can bake one hell of a cheesecake.


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